Neverwinter: makes old content new with its new system

Over the five years of its existence, the MMORPG Neverwinter enriched its world with many different campaigns, and although more content is rarely bad, many of these campaigns have become irrelevant over time, that is, a significant number of zones and dungeons were sent into a shadow. However, now people at Perfect World Entertainment hope to return them to the center of attention with the introduction of the new test campaign system.

In this new system, more old campaigns that are not growth zones will be translated into the new category of " Stage campaigns "that will be changed to offer constant tests-adventures in their zones. And in order to encourage players to take part in these campaigns, the developers introduce three new weekly quests that will be concentrated on test campaigns. These weekly quests will reward the players with the currency of the corresponding campaign, as well as the medallions of the heroes that can be exchanged for useful objects, such as a stone of the spell, a sign of power and tokens of improvement of the satellite. The "test campaigns" system should appear with a huge number of other updates and improvements in complementing the Podgoria game this spring.

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