Neverwinter: New Equipment and Awards in the Scharandar addition

While MMORPG Neverwinter players are preparing to return to the Sharantar with the exit next week of additions, Cryptic Studios for the first time introduce them to new awards that are expected in the country of fairies. These include new armor, new artifacts and equipment for artifacts, as well as the new Forest Guardian equipment set.

players will also be able to collect diamond fragments that can be used to create new transmutations of equipment, new sets of diamond artifacts or even even Bloody diamond. In addition to new awards, the old awards will also return to the game in the upcoming event, which will give players the opportunity to get past awards if they were missed.

The first episode of the Sharandar additions, called "The Iron Tooth", is 9 February for PC and March 9 for consoles. The release of episode 2: "The Soul Keeper" and episode 3: "The Odious Court" will be announced later.

more detailed information can be found on the official website of Neverwinter.

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