Neverwinter: Podgoria updating will be released on April 23 on PC

A week after a week, MMORPG Neverwinter issues developers, telling about various things that players can expect in the Podgorie update, so a video that generalizes all functions was a kind of expected. However, this video offered a little more than just a version of the cliff notes; It also revealed the release date of the Podgoria on PC: Tuesday, April 23.

The leading designer Thomas Foss, the leading specialist of the Jared Sirs and the System Developer Chastel Tatum show a fairly complete overview of the fact that Podartel brings In Neverwinter. They relate to the five zones that make up the content of the farming, briefly cover the updates of the classes of the game and give an idea of ​​some new awards and locations of the dungeons, which make up the podgories and its high -level clash of the lair of the crazy magician.

While Undermountain ("Corps") is planned to be released for players on the PC 23, the servers of pre-viewing content are already online. In the meantime, you can watch the video below.

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