Neverwinter update: the pearl of the north added a bard class

The MMORPG Neverwinter renewed the "Pearl of the North" was released for PC, which brought a number of game changes.

The first big change was the appearance of a new bard class.

"For the first time Since 2016, Neverwinter has been representing a completely new class - a cult and multidisciplinary bard. Players who have chosen a bard become courageous heroes who have the ability to weave magic into their swords, inspire allies with music, manipulate their minds and treat wounds. Adventurers will find that the bard stands out by their performance mode, which allows them to play various songs that can improve, heal or cause damage to their goals, and its free performance regime, in which bards can use their tool for free creativity and game. "

The update also implements a new level of level increasing, as well as improved the training system in the game.

"Thanks to a new optimized level system, which follows from a favorite system found in Dungeons & Dragons, the maximum level to Neverwinter moved from 80 to 20. This allows new and returned players to reach the epic level content (in about 10-12 hours) and gives experienced players the opportunity to quickly increase the level of their alternative characters. "

The update also represents a new adventure system, guild of adventure seekers and a training room, as well as improving performance in the early hour Games.

Detailed information can be found on the official website Neverwinter.

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