New raids have been added to Swords of Legends Online

As planned, GameForge added complex modes for the new Three -legged Sea and the Island of Wild Demons, which appeared in the MMORPG Swords of Legends Online last week. Now players can participate in more complex versions of new raids to take advantage of the chance to get the best awards and objects of the 225 levels.

The latest update of the game also launches a new PVP seeson "Garden of Klinkov", called "New Moon". The new moon seals can be obtained throughout the season, and they can be exchanged for various awards, including the New Long Traveler award, New Lun Equipment Cosmetics, the dynamic title "New Long Mesnik", as well as seasonal avatars and scope of avatars.

The Lunar Sea event will also take place throughout July, offering one new task every week that players can perform to earn seasonal tokens of combat passage and unlock such awards as a set of avatars and emoticons for the chat. New items were also added to the loyalty point.

The full description of the changes can be found on the Swords of Legends Online page in Steam.

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