New series of Swords of Legends Online and Free Demo

There are several new gameplay videos of MMORPG Swords of Legends Online, which you can watch in anticipation of the release of the game. Four new videos demonstrate the gameplay and fighting in various PVE actions, such as Bounty Hunt, Ghost Dimension, Treasure Hunt and AnceStral Records.

If you prefer to play the game yourself, then this is your happy week. Free demo will be available from Wednesday, June 16 to Tuesday, June 22. Demo version will include access to the setting of characters, all six classes and their second skills, as well as to the first dungeon, but it will be possible to play only up to 15 levels. However, players can create as many characters as they want, so far the demo version is active. Please note that the progress achieved in demo will not be transferred to the full game.

Swords of Legends Online will be released in Steam this summer and is now available for preliminary order.

more detailed information You can find on the Swords of Legends Online on Steam. Do not forget to watch the new videos about the gameplay provided by below.

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