“New War” will begin in Warframe December 15

The next month, the Warframe shooter will literally be a all -consuming war with the release of a joint game about the Ninja "New War". The update is announced as the largest update to the plot today, and will include the history of self -knowledge, which will cover three new actions and several planets and worlds.

"Warframe offers its guests a non -stop action, A smooth battle and one of the most hospitable communities in online games. He invites new and returned players to discover the free line of cinematic quests, combining the personal history of self -knowledge with the action. The completed space opera, which transfers players through 16 planets with 3 open worlds, when they restore the balance of the destroyed original system. "

" New War "will also add new game characters to the game, as well as new settings, weapons, weapons, weapons Accessories and the new frame - a hybrid. The update will be simultaneously installed on all platforms on December 15, 2021.

, in the meantime, Digital Extreme has released a new trailer in cooperation with Blur Studios, Netflix Love, Death + Robots producers. Watch below.

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