New World: A little fresh hints of a wide world of Aeternum

Amazon revealed a number of interesting facts about the news of the MMORPG New World and about the huge world of ATERNUM (Aeternum).

These small tidbits of information have very little in common with the actual gameplay or the development of the game, but they should encourage players to explore the wide world of Aeternum in order to reveal its secrets when the game will finally be released. One example is that in every settlement in Aeternum there is at least one extension. "There is still something in the wild, where an unpleasant surprise is hidden!" -Amazon hints.

Amazon recently released the December alpha recovery for the game, which is part of a series of monthly updates that will prepare the soil for beta testing at the end of this year.

SOME Interesting Facts ABOUT ⛰️NEW World in the Spirit of #NATIONALTRIVIADAY! lhjij2ap5k

- New World (@Playnewworld) January 4, 2021

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