New World completes a series of videos of dating with Aeternum

Amazon Game Studios completes a series of videos of acquaintance with Aeternum MMORPG New World Excursion on split mountain, located in the most remote corners of Eternum. The region is named after a dark rocky mountain, ominously loosening like a black crown on a horizon.

"A split mountain is an ideal peak for any adventurer. The dark crown of Eternum is a huge split mountain rage, filled with damage. "

In this region there is a small settlement called House in the Mountains, Skeletal Outpost, Damned Cave and spoiled Fortress Caminus.

"The red fortress is filled with cruel and ruthless hardened blood enemies that break anyone. These enemies are endowed with powerful magic, and only the most experienced fighters will be able to defeat them. "

There are also some of the most difficult materials of the final stage of the game, including the damage paved with the greatest and the greatest The test in Eternum is Mirkgard. The once coronal fortress of Eternum, Mirkgard is now inhabited by deadly depraved people and all kinds of frightening creatures.

"The task will be huge," the developers said, "but the award will note you as one of the best adventurers, who have ever been that He knew Eternum. "

MMORPG New World release on PC is scheduled for August 31.

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