New World continues the tour this time to the rickvoter swamps

This week, Amazon Game Studios continues a series of Aeternum MMORPG New World Video, which tells about the Bioma of the Rickwater swamp, as well as about dangerous terrible creeping creatures and unfriendly ghosts that call it their home. Rickwater is also a home for the queen of sirens, responsible for the restless spirits wandering around the swamps.

"Today we will go to the swampy swamps of the Rickwater. A secluded place, persecuted by betrayal and death, named so because of its ubiquitous, sickening-sweet stench "

The main settlement called a village of Rickwater is a labyrinth of wooden buildings built high at the vertices of the winding Trees and branches that can grow in the area. There is a tavern in the village where players can relax, repair stations where they can create weapons and equipment, and the town hall, where they can perform new tasks. August 31, 2021.

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