New World corrects the bug with a leap of time and reduces housing tax

The Amazon Games last weekend tried to deal with the error of temporary distortion at the MMORPG New World, because of which several servers jumped for several months to the future, causing damage to the control of territories due to unpaid service of the territory. The initial correction is clearly not enough to solve the problem, but the latest correction can help.

After a three -hour downtime, the servers returned to the network with a small patch, which should reduce the number of cases of leap of time in the game. The patch also corrected the rare problem of server malfunctions and the mistake due to which the players hung up with the participation of a large number of players.

The team also reduced housing taxes by 90% and temporarily increased the company's income from homeowners in As a compensation for a series of deceptions that have been haunting the game over the past few weeks.

"We want to thank you and apologize to our players who have been influenced by recent problems," Amazon said. "This is part of the additional compensation that we will implement in future patches." bugs. The team also reports that they deleted 98% of duplicated objects and currencies in the game, and the remaining 2% had players who accidentally stumbled upon a bug.

"We also investigated how these copied subjects influenced In progress in the final stage of the game, "the studio said. "Our investigation did not show significant growth in the maximum level. We deeply plunged into the equipment system, and although some of the armor was changed, most of it was removed from the game due to prohibitions, and this is still a very rare subject. We are still studying a narrower list of items related to the operation of housing, and if necessary there will be other permanent prohibitions. "

Details can be found at the official forums of New World.

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