New World disconnects gold trade because of the new bug

Who is at least a little monitoring the MMORPG New World, most likely, aware that since the game is released, the developers are constantly fighting with some "holes" and game errors.

At first there was a problem with Council of the game and endless bursts (although most MMORPG faces this problem when starting). Then there was a problem with the AFK players who, by their absence, blocked the entrance to other players.

it seems that one and here on you, a new mistake. Particularly entrepreneurial players found a bug that makes it possible to significantly increase the supply of gold. The developers quickly reacted and closed that hole, promising to remove the gold received from unscrupulous players in an honest way.

everything would be fine, but here again. Either New World players are very good at finding loopholes in the game code, or Amazon simply does not know how to hide them. Tricky players found another bug, this time with the help of a game chat.

The error allows players to send images using a chat, from funny to frankly malicious ones. Some images can also cause a customer failure when it is hovering a cursor on it, which is not only annoying, but can also be used to intentionally disconnect the player during PVP.

The Amazon team simply reacted with lightning speed and quickly closed this The hole this weekend.

But something again went wrong=(

amazon game studios, it seems that you just can’t take a break, because the enterprising New World players found the next trick In response, the developers temporarily turned off the exchange of currency between the players until they study the error. gold transfer between players (for example, sending a currency, treasury guild, trading post, trading between players), "Amazon announced on the official website." Against any player who used this bug, a criminal case will be instituted. As soon as a bug on duplication of gold is Buda T research and we will be ready to enable the transfer of currency again, we will update this post. " The aforementioned error is the last in the seemingly endless list of errors and bugs discovered by the player since the launch of the long -awaited MMORPG to survive, launched last month, and now the community calls for more severe punishments for players convicted of repeated abuse of mistakes.

Well, I hope the developers will cope with these difficulties, and New World players will be able to continue to enjoy the game.

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