New World: improves craft and adds rapier

This month, Amazon Game Studios in MMORPG New World has focused on improving the craft system.

"This month, many changes are made to give it to the depth and to give it the depth and A significant impact on the gameplay. Do you collect objects running around the world by killing monsters, or you are the master of the bright forest, these changes will make the game world more useful and convenient for the player. "

The developers added new ones as part of the January update Items from 2 to 5 level, as well as many rare resources and ingredients that will be used to create them. "We made serious changes to increase the number of objects that players can create and added additional functions to the system of creating objects," said Amazon. "The main goal of these changes is to maintain the relevance of craft and gathering at the end of the game, while adding a greater depth, a new interface and more interesting options in the craft system."

The update also presents a new weapon of close combat: Rapier. Rapier copes with fast piercing attacks with damage, which depends on the dexterity of the character. Also, the game was added to the game to receive the legendary rapier.

In addition, more than 100 new types of weapons and 50 parts of the armor were presented in addition to improved repair mechanics, the new object of the remote complex, changes Food mechanics, improvement of an elite enemy and updated visual models.

Full information about the update can be found on the official website of New World.

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