New World reduces experience and adds new armor

Preparing for the officially launch at the end of summer, Amazon Game Studios makes several last changes to the MMORPG New World. The first part of the June alfa-renewal has already come out and brought with it an exhaustive list of corrections, as well as several important settings of the gameplay and new character settings.

The last alpha renewal represents another round of progress adjustments to counteract the effects May update of balancing. The changes unintentionally led to the fact that the players left the content level, so the developers decided to reduce the number of experience gained from fractions and PVP missions, as well as increase the amount of experience necessary to increase the level after level 7, by 40%

In addition, they also increased the experience gained as a result of research, such as opening pages with history and points of interest, in order to encourage players to explore the game world.

"Players in the alpha version are pumped Faster than we expected, faster than content moves, and as a result they lack some interesting tasks and missions, "said Amazon. "The purpose of this change is to coordinate progress with the content of the game." As for the creation of the characters, the team also added a number of new settings, including new hairstyles, faces, eye color, skin, tattoo and scam. . The game itself will be released on PC on August 31.

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