New World rolls EC servers after random distribution of huge amounts of gold

The MMORPG New World has come a new day, and with it a new error breaking the economy. As a compensation for a series of fraud with gold and housing bugs that continued to appear in the game over the past few weeks, Amazon Game Studios temporarily reduced housing taxes and increased the company's income from homeowners in addition to one -time compensation for military declarations.

The law of meanness immediately entered into force, and the players began to report that they received an excessive amount of gold. Oddly enough, the problem was limited only by the EU servers, which Amazon quickly corrected, rolling the servers for several hours and temporarily turning off the trade post while they restore the database of the trade post.

"When studying it became It is clear that there is no pure way to turn only those players who were provided with money, since the secondary effects were widespread and involved much more players and systems. Therefore, we decided to roll back the characters, companies and a trading post before a database modification was made. "

, unfortunately, the rollback also led to the fact that the characters that were transferred to The lost clock was stuck in a virtual suspended state. The team, apparently, eliminated the problem at the time of writing this article and is now working on the restoration of the trading post in working condition.

"Now we know that this will take some time, and then we will need to need Test and check the results. Today it will not be decided. We will inform you when we will have additional information. We ask for forgiveness for the delay, "said one of the developers at the official forum.

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