New world servers MMORPG New World are named

Amazon is preparing to release MMORPG New World in less than a week, and a long list of regional servers that they published shows that they free up a place for a large number of players to start their adventures. However, some in the community believe that the information is not enough.

?The world list! ?

? Coordinate with your fireds to #PlayNeworld on the same World for the Official Launch!

rt and tag your Fellow Adventurars! IU0OHG7KPQ

- New World (@Playnewworld) September 22, 2021

Lists of servers are divided into regions (North America, East, North America, West, Central Europe, Australia and South America ), and people are already trying to decide where to create their guilds or even just play with small groups of friends. Although the list of servers was accompanied by a call to coordinate the choice of peace with friends, the lists are not marked with anything except their names, which is a little short -sighted, since the community members may need additional information for decision -making.

Although on North American servers, most likely, most likely Mostly English -speaking players will be present, there are no language preferences or specifications in the list of central Europe.

Amazon answered through the New World account on Twitter that "there will be some servers offering languages ​​to help players to solve where they are where they are They would like to play. " However, there was no information about when this was done, and only language sentences were mentioned. There were no indications of whether the servers would be focused on PVP or PVE and whether the proposed languages ​​will have such options. Given the reviews received, it is not surprising that explanations with some updates will soon appear, especially taking into account the fact that less than a week remains before the final release. Follow the New World site to find out more.

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