New World: The output is postponed again

Amazon Game Studios again postponed MMORPG New World. According to the latest update of the developers, the team is still working on the final functions of the game, which they talked about when last year we postponed the launch of the game.

"We worked hard on the attractive functions of the final game, which, in our opinion, It is important to turn on when starting, "the studio said. "These functions will not be ready for the spring period that we spoke about earlier."

MMORPG with the open world was originally planned to be launched in May 2020, but was postponed to August 2020 due to problems related to quarantine Covid-19. In July 2020, the studio again announced that she was postponing the launch of the game until the spring of 2021 to add more functions and "make the game even better." Now the developers announced the release date of August 31, and the closed beta testing is scheduled for July 20.

"With this additional time, we will be able to add significant improvements by polishing and setting up the whole game before we open the coast of Aerierium for the world ",-said Amazon.

At the same time, an article on Bloomberg appears, which says that recently, some chaos has been going on inside Amazon Game Studios, which led to the abolition of several games. According to the author in everything, the inexperience of the head of the studio Mike Fraztsii is to blame. According to the article, Fratszini never developed and did not help develop video games before he helped create a studio. Due to the many canceled projects and the absence of any results after 8 years, Fraztsini is some pressure so that he really finishes and releases a successful game.

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