NPC satellites The Elder Scrolls Online Solution for players

The next large update for MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online is not far off, which means that many people will unite to capture new zones dedicated to Oblivion. Some prefer to play a single MMO, and for such players Zenimax Online represents a new system of satellites for ESO. These new NPCs will join you in battle, so you will not have to go alone, which, frankly, can be for some the most exciting ESO feature for a long time.

zenimax presented a review of new elements that will appear in The Black Forest is supplemented earlier this year, but now they have more carefully examined the companions in this new trailer.

The first two satellites that you can hire if you have You are an addition to the Black Forest (Blackwood) - this is the dark elf Mirri Elendis and the man Bastian Gallico. You can configure skills, equipment and clothes for the one you hired. In addition, the allies also have a system of "mutual understanding" and personal tasks that you can perform.

"Developing his companion so that he becomes an ideal addition to your own style of the game, he can help you To cope with the difficulties that used to be simply inaccessible, and to help when another player will not be able to join you, "ESO explains. "A satellite can be a tank, healer, fighter or combine these roles so that his battle style is best combined with your own tactics. But they cannot be as powerful as other players. "

You can familiarize yourself with complete information about the Senimax blog satellites, where they talk about all the details of your ally and about How you can control it in battle.

Black Forest Addition for The Elder Scrolls Online is scheduled for June 1 for PC in Steam, ESO store and Bethesda store.

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