Outriders continues to fight errors

For someone, the launch of the game is a big rise, and for some it is clear troubles. The OUTRIDERS online shutters somehow did not work out with the launch, for several days PEOPLE CAN Fly fought with the instability of the server and here it is. After improving the stability of the server and the proposals of the workarounds for various problems in the game, the team is now struggling with the error of cleaning the inventory, which, apparently, has aggravated over the past few days.

"From the moment the recent patch was released Increasing the number of reports about this problem - the solution to inventory cleaning is our main priority and will remain so until it is corrected, "the team said on Reddit.

The studio apologized to the injured players and outlined her plans for restoration of lost equipment that will be launched in the coming weeks. But they admitted that, most likely, they will not be able to restore the inventory full of rare (blue) equipment, and that they can restore only more valuable epic and legendary objects. Restored items can also have characteristics that are different from the characteristics of the lost objects. The players who have touched this problem will be rewarded with the same package of services.

The developers also recently introduced additional preventive measures on the server side to protect against inventory purification. Players who have lost objects due to error are recommended to immediately close and restart the game.

A list of known errors, possible workarounds and useful links can be found on Reddit if you need them. In addition, in this branch you can create reports on the purification of inventory.

Important News:

Earlier today's advental preventing to outs to guard agaaird agaaird Any Inventory Wipes.

these are reducing the ocCurrence of this Issue, but we are continuing to make in Aditional Countermeasures.


- Outriders) April 11, 2021

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