Outriders: Fantastic trailer

The planet in Outriders is a harsh and beautiful place. At least this is what a new trailer can demonstrate. The PEOPLE CAN FLY developer company introduced at Pax East a new trailer for the cooperative shooter Outriders with the name Frontiers of Enoch. The trailer shows green and devastated panoramas, demonstrating some rather inspired science fiction landscapes, where, clear, something went wrong. Strange ripples of blue energy plays on floating pieces of the Earth, and pulsations from stones in the jungle are flooded with a pulsating fungus. Among all this are destroyed civilizations, both human and, possibly, a stranger.

outriders is a cooperative shooter for 1-3 players from PEOPLE CAN Fly developers published by Square Enix. There is still no information about the game, but the story and the world seem convincing. Outriders should be released this year, according to the Steam page and the official site.

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