Outriders is postponed again, but demo will be available

Once again, the cooperative shooter of Outriders is postponed. The developer studio made an announcement on Twitter where they reported that the next official date was scheduled for April 1. The developers say that they need a little more time to accurately configure the game and special attention on finalizing some game moments.

an Important Update Regarding Outriders. Hhzrq5giik

- Outriders (@outriders) January 6, 2021

But not everything is as bad as it seems. If you expect this project, then on February 25 you will have the opportunity to play a free demo, which will include the "first few hours of game", as well as 4 classes of heroes, and support for both modes. In addition, all the progress that you accumulate in the Outriders demo will be transferred to the main game at the time of its official release.

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