Overwatch 2 completed the first beta testing

So the first beta testing of the Overwatch 2 shooter, which introduced the players with new matches of 5 to 5, radical changes in heroes and various improvements for support heroes. The game director Aaron Keller and the Overwatch team express gratitude to all the players who took part in the monthly PVP testing of the sequel:

"The Overwatch developers team would like to thank all participants in the first beta testing. We experienced indescribable emotions, watching the game of members of our community. The enthusiasm manifested by the players has always been to the Game universe, is and will be extremely important to us.

overwatch as a world and how a game universe is of particular importance for our team: we devote the creation Games Time, we put our creative energy and our soul into it. To present to other people the fruits of such an important work for you can be very scary. Especially if you know that the work has not yet been completed, but you ask the audience to share with you your opinions and constructive criticism.

But it is very important to do this if you want to create as much as possible A high -quality game, and we can not do without the help of players and the community as a whole. Testing is an extremely significant aspect of Overwatch. We are unable to use the data received during testing and implement improvements in the game, and we want to quickly present you the results as soon as possible. "

The team promises to soon share additional information on how to get an invitation to the next gaming testing. Meanwhile, on June 16, they will conduct a special live broadcast Overwatch 2. Additional information can be found on the official website Overwatch.

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