Overwatch: a new edition and a free period

The anniversary of the popular MMO shooter Overwatch and the developers have already distributed information about the upcoming celebration. Celebrations will be held from May 22 to June 12. For this event, the developers have released a special trailer (with Ukrainian subtitles), which includes a phased chronology of various vivid events of the project for this period.

In addition, the developers will delight the project fans with the new edition of the game " Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition "and from May 23 it can be purchased. The new edition will replace Origins Edition. The player will be able to find a complete set of intra -game objects from the Origins Edition version, ten containers, skins and buns for different projects of Blizzard.

And of course, starting from May 26 to May 29, players will be able to play free of charge In the shooter Overwatch. Only the competitive mode will be unavailable. And the progress received at this time will be preserved after the acquisition of a complete edition.

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