Overwatch: adds game repetitions

In the Overwatch shooter, one of the most popular functions has finally added: a playback system that will allow players to view the records of their past games.

The new function, which is currently tested on the Overwatch test server, will allow players to view their last 10 matches completely from any point of view. Like similar playback systems from other games, you can accelerate or slow down the action, as well as control the camera so that you can see the first -person action, from a third -person or from a bird's eye view.

the playback system will also allow you Use a map of a card similar to that used during the League matches. You can also place (and add to bookmarks) static cameras if you want to watch the same place in several games.

regardless of whether you want to study your past games to improve your game, or Just look at this magnificent accent, these playback tools are a useful addition to Overwatch.

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