Overwatch: awaits new content

Today, the notes of the developers of the Overwatch shooter were published in which Jaff Kaplan talks about what the project awaits in the near future and not only. Well, firstly, he said that the developers released a new story about the hero of the batist, who can already be read. Secondly, in the next update based on this story you will be waiting for the test "The Last Basist's Business", in which you can unlock the epic appearance of Batitst (for this it will be enough to win 9 matches). Naturally there will be other awards. Thirdly, with the update in the game there will be a function of repetitions where it will be possible to save and view the last 10 matches. The fourth news was that the developers plan to change the capture mode, the time will be reduced by 1 minute after the capture of the object A in order to capture the object B. This will make the regime more dynamic. And if you protect the object A and die, during the short period you are almost instantly revived at the Object B, respectively, the chance of protecting object B increases. The fifth news, soon the competitive mode "Fight" will be launched again. In general, as you can see, there are not few new products, and video with developers below.

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