Overwatch: blocking forever for those who like to violate the rules

Blizzard has long been saying that it will change the punishment system for players who violate the rules in competitive games. This time, the Overwatch gam-director actively responded to one of the reports of the forum user, which says that the community is "toxic", and the "full failure" game system. To what, Jeff Kaplan gave an exhaustive and complete answer about how Blizzard is going to introduce punishments for players who behave incorrectly against others and violate the rules. For different violations. The company collects them to tighten them, since in the same message on the forum the player emphasized that the weekly blocking of the offender account is not a problem for some gamers.

If the company plans to use short -term locks, then with repeated violators In competitive games, the player can fall under the eternal ban. At the moment, the blocking for violations applies only to the rest of the season. Accordingly, in the future, some violators will never be able to get to the competition.

The game director emphasized that Blizzard will become more "aggressive" in the 6th season of competitive games. A system will be introduced that will notify the player that the user received punishment according to their information. The information message will be both intra -game and to come to the electronic box.

the final of Kaplan’s speech was the appeal to the players Overwatch, in which he asks for helping the developers to find the most malicious violators.

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