Overwatch: intrigue the next hero

Blizzard, as always in his repertoire, on the eve of the announcement of the new hero for the Overwatch shooter, they leave traces of the ridge, causing universal curiosity. The new tweet on the Twitter page shows a close -up laboratory suit with a marking tag. On the tag, we see the Greek letter "σ" - Sigma, perhaps this is the name of the next hero.

What is the melody? N4YVA9ius

- Overwatch (@VERWATCHRU) JULY 22, 2019. So, the music that sounds before turning on the siren is very similar to the work of the French composer and pianist Eric Sati "Gnossienne no. 1).

But it is not yet clear what the music has to the hero, perhaps the new hero will be as musical as Lucio. For example, slow down what is happening using music.

In general, we look forward to the new hero, or new tips from the developers.

And here is the next hint, though it is still little clear. But something tells me that the skills of the next hero will be connected over time.

Jeff Kaplan explains in detail...

+ ⋜ π ⩲? + ≠ 0vatrd20vt

- Overwatch (@VERWATCHRU) JULY 22, 2019

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