Overwatch: Now players will be able to create their hero

The developers of the Overwatch shooter presented the new function "Workshop", which was described in more detail by the director of the game Jeff Kaplan in the news from the developers. The workshop is a new section of the user game browser that allows players to use user scenarios to create new game modes and content.

"Using this system you can even create a prototype of your own hero," Kaplan said.

custom scripts will not be easy to use, as Jeff says, tools will become more accessible to people familiar with other scenarios or programming experience. "Anyone who understands the logic of creating games and how game events are related to each other will be easier to create such things," Kaplan said.

To make it clear, the workshop is not the editor of the maps - it will not allow You can control the map geometry or import user art resources - but it allows you to control the game logic working behind the scenes of the game, allowing you to do things such as turning the floor into lava or force all players to change the hero every minute. There is also a built-in debugging tool that will help users find out what is happening if something does not work as planned.

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