Overwatch: Sigma - Gravity Tank

The new hero of the Overwatch - Sigma shooter, is now available for playing a test server. Today, Jeff Kaplan told how Sigma will play.

Sigma is from the Netherlands, and his full name Sibrene de Koyper. Sigma is a brilliant scientist, a specialist in astrophysics. He is engaged in the study of black holes, so he wants to subjugate their strength. Once he sent to one space station to make an experiment, but something went wrong.

When he came to his senses, it turned out that he was isolated in a secret government, and gave him the name "Sigma Object". In addition to the fact that he damaged his mind, strange gravitational anomalies took place around him. Naturally, he immediately interested the organization "Claw" and they rescued it from imprisonment. Then they began to manipulate and use for their own purposes.

Sigma is a tank, but not just, but a "barrier" tank.

its barrier is called the "experimental barrier". He can place his barrier at different points and at different angles to protect his team and attack the enemy.

The main weapon of the Sigma "Hypersfer". "Hyperxfer" are two shells with a very small range. But each of them can be bounced from the surface at least once. As soon as the spheres get to the goal, they cause damage to everyone who was nearby. In addition, they slightly attract the enemy.

Sigma’s protective ability "kinetic capture". Using this ability, Sigma creates a special field in front of him, putting his hand forward, he attracts all bullets and shells flying into it, and turns their damage into protective shields for himself. From one application you can get 400 units. shield.

The attacking ability of the Sigma - "Accretion". Sigma forms a stone, a huge shell, right in front of him, and throws it. The stone causes great damage to the enemy and knocks him down. This is an attack for one goal.

Sigma's superpower is "a gravitational well."on Earth will be a sight in which you can catch as many enemies as possible, everyone who will be in the zone of action will be in zero gravity and will be Extremely vulnerable to your allies.

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