Overwatch: the event "Archives" is approaching

Blizzard is already starting to intrigue players with the closest event in the Overwatch shooter. The published teaser tells about the upcoming event "Overwatch Archives", which was called Storm Riding and will be held from April 16 to May 6. The audio recordings published on Twitter discusses the option of capturing the fist of death through his accountant Maximilien using a shock detachment led by the tracer, and the angel, Winston and Gendi, will go with her.

overwatch can go on a trip to Havana in the near future, judging by the article that appeared on the weekend. This is a fictional reporting of a local newspaper, which tells the story of the famous distillery "Don Rombotico". The article appears an image of the distillery, it is quite possible that players will fight inside it. The article also mentions the sea fort Havana, another landmark that was picked up by this suspicious group.

Another story in the newspaper warns of the impending hurricane, which threatens Cuba. Expect the wind speed of 193 km/h and flood, the article says. Usually we do not need to worry about the weather on Overwatch maps, but it may happen that Blizzard will try something new. It can also be just a cosmetic trick. The sky above the distillery in the screenshot is cloudy and it is raining.

We expect Blizzard to reveal the details of the event soon.

Access to the archived file...

Status of decryption: in the process

Purpose: Found

Additional details on EBVVKT0LX7 NLKMIFAVEB

- Overwatch (@overwatch) April 9, 2019

Access to the archived file...

the status of decryption: in the process

the quick response team was sent.

Get ready for the "foreboding of the storm" on April 16! DFK3S5NS5U

- Overwatch (@VERWATCHRU) April 9, 2019

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