Overwatch: the new hero of the batist is already tested

The announcement of a new support hero in the Overwatch shooter appeared, as he appeared on a test server almost immediately. In addition, the batist has already appeared in the general list of heroes and you can first familiarize yourself with its skills.

The main weapon of the batist is a biotic machine that shoots in bursts of 3 shots. It applies 25 damage per shot. The store has only 45 rounds. Having clicking on the PKM battery, he launch a biotic grenade, the effect of which the healing of the allies in a small area around the blow. A grenade can cure about 65 HP and is 10 grenades. Although grenades I have a separate counter not related to the main fire, reloading will update both meters.

the "Regeneration simulator simulator" creates an impulse of healing energy, the effect applies to the nearest allies restoring 150 HP, but it is not an aura, therefore it is preserved. , if the Baptist leaves, but is also not applied to the new allies if he approaches them after activation. The recovery time is 15 seconds.

"Field of Immortality" creates a screen with a radius of about eight meters. The screen prevents the drop in health below 40 allies in it (or increases their health to 40, if it is smaller). The projection lasts eight seconds and can be destroyed. The ability to restore 20 seconds.

"The enhancing matrix" projects the matrix, its effect increased damage and the healing of the allies, lasts about eight seconds.

Passive ability "jumping boots" during squat , The batist charges the jumping counter that allows him to jump above. If it does not jump right away, the counter remains charged for about two seconds. There is no recharging.

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