Overwatch: the new Paris map is already available

The developers of the Overwatch shooter very modestly notified the players by sending a brief message that the Paris card is now available for all PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms around the world. Blockquote>

Paris, the city of art, love and romance, has become a new battlefield, where you will have to fight for control of the object.

Your journey will begin in Cabaret Luna, from the performance of an unforgettable moon, whose velvet voice He captivates tourists, local residents, movie stars and even revolutionaries. At the end of the concert, you can get out on the streets of Paris, admire its sights and win an elegant victory. Before the first object, you will find benches of all kinds of artisans and confectioners - wrapping in time in a bakery for a croissant, you will easily avoid enemy attacks. The next battal will occur on the picturesque shores of the Seine, and the final chord will thunder on the way to Maison Marat.

The update also contains many errors for heroes, maps and much more.

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