Overwatch: The next patch will require complete reinstallation of the game

Blizzard published a warning that the next major Overwatch patch will be so large that a complete reinstallation of the game will be required.

Yesterday, a message from a representative of the technical support Drakuloth:

appeared at the Overwatch Anglo -language forum yesterday. "We want to warn you in advance and give you the opportunity to find out what to expect from our next big patch. At present, we do not have a date and time of its release, but we will update this information as soon as we get.

The next major patch will have some rather fundamental changes for the game client. The number of initial changes that we invest is quite significant that we cannot effectively fix the current content. As a result, when the next patch appears, the client will completely reinstall himself to process these changes. We know that this is not an ideal solution for people using the low speed of the connection, so I hope this ad will help you prepare for this upcoming update. "

I don’t know for sure, you need this information, and in general How a person can prepare for such a thing. You can of course change the provider, call a friend with a good connection, or find a free quick Wi-Fi and will stick to him with a leech. In any case, you have time to think about how to quickly download the client, if you love this game very much.

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