Overwatch: what Ash can and where did she come from

After the presentation of the new hero Ash in the Overwatch shooter, a page dedicated to this character appeared on the official website.

39-year-old Banditic Ash, born and grew up in a rich family. Parents made maximum efforts so that their daughter grew up with a wealthy noble lady. But, fate ordered differently. A random meeting with a street hooligan changed the life of Ash forever. After several atrocities, she realized that criminal life was her purpose. Soon the gang of the dead was organized, and the main organizer of major affairs was Ash.

Ash character from the class "Damage". During the battle, thanks to her abilities, she easily uses a rifle and a sawn-off shotgun, without hesitation uses dynamite, and can call on a partner-mesh that will toss enemies and will conduct overwhelming fire to everything. In general, another thing. More about abilities can be read on the character’s page.

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