Pagan Online: An official launch date has been announced

Today, the developers of the MMOOARPG Pagan Online announced the official date of launching the project - August 27, 2019. Let me remind you that at the moment the game is in early access. According to the developers, the game will come out with huge changes in functions and content - so large -scale that you will think that you play a completely different game. This is only the beginning of Pagan Online, as the game will develop as an officially released game with regular updates. The game will be launched with a price of 24.99 euros / 29.99 US dollars, and prices in other regions will be adjusted in accordance with regional prices.

During the early access of Pagan Online, it was completely updated, a lot of new content was also added, which includes:

- a complete story campaign, including eight parts, new zones and maps, As well as two new bosses

- the control of the button and the full support of the controller- the game is developed and will always be developed taking into account the requirements of the WASD, but in accordance with extremely popular demand, the capabilities of the control scheme were expanded.

- two new game characters that expand and improve the list of heroes even more.

- legendary weapons- some weapons can be increased to the legendary status, overcoming the most complex battles Pagan Online.

- schools of magic- Ultra rare sets of equipment that improve characteristics and give your hero and his skills a new look

- modernized craft systems and dropping, which make the droper more valuable, diverse and suitable For use

- completely new trips of skills for each character, allowing players to create unique heroes, improving, modifying and revealing completely new abilities

- final game content that will provide you with new test options .

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