Pagan Online: Patch destroyed the progress of players

Today, a major update of Mmoarpg Pagan Online has been released, which added many interesting and new functions - from the new abilities of heroes to new objects and craft, which can completely change the player playing style. But the unintentional and sad consequence of these changes was the destruction of the progress of players. Large systemic changes similar to this have serious and sometimes difficult to predict consequences for players. After testing, in order to avoid individual errors that can lead to these changes, the developers have chosen a safe option for all players.

as compensation for lost progress and so that the players have a great time to play a completely new Pagan Online, the developers opened three new heroes for all accounts. In addition, all players will receive the soul of the hero and 150 fragments for each of the heroes (only 1,200 fragments!).

Details of the patch can be read on the official page of the project.

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