Paladin and new equipment appeared in Elyon

The list of fantasy MMORPG Elyon was replenished with the new Paladin class along with new events, since the last patch officially reached the main servers. As noted earlier, the paladin is a class of a sword and a shield that can direct the power of light and switch between the roles of the tank and support with the help of Aur.

"As the ancient guardians of Hart, the paladins were students of the prophet Metaton, who I taught them to understand the stream of mana. Although their pedigree was almost interrupted after the fall of Ancient Hart, their noble mission again calls for them to protect the continent during the war between Vulpin and Ontari. "

The latest renewal of the game also triggers several intra -game events, including rewards For the stages of the level, daily awards for playing time and competition for the prize of the first three paladins, which have reached the 48th level in each region. The winners will receive the exclusive title "Holy Trinity", a 30-day blessing of a star, a luminous box of the 2nd level: a shield and a voucher for expanding the inventory slots +8.

Other main points of updates include the addition of overshielders and artifacts, button Preventions of runes attributes, changes in runes, redistribution of honor points and a long list of changes in balance. All information about the changes can be found on the official Elyon website.

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