Paladins: Atlas - a person out of time

MMO team shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm received a large update that replenished the ranks of the heroes with a new dangerous tank atlas. The son of the legendary judge - Atlas, masterfully owns the ancient magic of crystals and knows the secrets of time management. He went into the past to correct the course of history.

This champion uses a chronopushka, which he borrowed somewhere in the future. And she inflicts a lot of 900 damage. In addition, atlas, in order to inflict damage and confuse the enemy, masterfully controls the time using the sphere of time energy, time movement, erecting a temporary barrier and even exile.

In addition, and also Other champion received a change in balance. Lovers of the extension will be happy with the new skins. And those who love gifts for new combat passes.

The full list of changes is placed on the official page of the project.

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