Path of Exile does not plan NFT

Due to the recent increase in the popularity of games with blockchain and NFT, more and more large companies involved in video games are thinking about introducing virtual currency both in existing and future games. However, fans of the Action Path of Exile can relax, knowing that the Grinding Gear Games will never be engaged in blockchain games.

This discovery occurred in response to the tweet of one fan about the possibility of NFT in the classical MMORPG. "Given the state of the industry, I was haunted by a feverish dream that GGG add NFT to Poe," said Twita. "Can you imagine? We present to you the latest mysterious box in which it will be possible to place the concept design of the NFT shelter. "

the director of the Grinding Gear community Bex replied:" I showed Chris [Wilson] this tweet and he said: "Chris Says NFTS Can Fuck Off. "

Nft are on the right track to exile...

Meanwhile, interesting December events continue in Path of Exile. If you have not joined them yet, you still have time.

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