Path of Exile: Improves close battle

The role -playing fantasy Path of Exile can be your favorite free game, but it is also not perfect. But this is normal for games, there is where to grow and develop. That is why Grinding Gear Games constantly releases new updates with amazing content and significant improvements. A recent synthesis update is an excellent example of changing the balance of skills.

Now it is planned to improve the close battle in the June update of June 3.0.

"June update 3.7.0 will contain a similar balance of skills close combat, and although we definitely intend to correctly adjust them in order to make sure of their performance, the actual volume of planned changes in close combat is much larger than now indicated, "the statement from the developers said.

The reason for this enterprise is connected With criticism from the players from other RPGs who consider the close battle Path of Exile "clumsmate". This applies especially to the beginning of the game, when the player’s character does not have speed during attacking actions. Thus, you can expect an improvement in animation and changes in the balance of skills to enhance the sensations of a collision in close combat.

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