Path of Exile receives a sharp criticism for a paid combat pass

Grinding Gear Games is currently sharply criticized by the Action Path of Exile community after the release of paid military pass called the pass to the Kirac storage. A combat pass is working with a free testing system, offering additional awards for performing various bonus tasks found in the game world, provided, of course, that you are ready to spend on this cash.

The rewards themselves are not paid and in Mostly consist of cosmetics and skins. At the same time, most complaints are aimed at the fact that the contents of the military pass is not worth the indicated money, and skins can only be used with certain unique objects, which are extremely difficult to find even for hardcore veterans. It is reported that the release of combat passes also influenced the intra -game economy: rare cards increased in price by three or even four times.

The new combat pass was presented along with the release of Patch 3.17.1. The patch also contains dozens of small and medium corrections and improvements for the new content of the Arkhemememezid and siege of the atlas.

Full notes to the patch can be found on official Path of Exile forums. The video below also offers pre -watching new combat pass awards

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