Path of Exile: The invasion attracted more than 250 thousand players

Although the last few Action Path of Exile updates did not attract as much attention as expected in the Grinding Gear Games, the launch of the last update "Invasion" seemed to be not fake interest among many players. According to the studio, the maximum number of simultaneous players reached 254570 players on the day the renewal was released, which is 96% of the record maximum number for all the time. exclusion of a malfunction associated with related items in the chat. "In the first hour, only one problem arose, due to which the work of our regional routers was interrupted when transferring packages with links to objects," Grinding Gear explained. "Each such problem led to a disconnection of about 10% of the players. We temporarily turned off the chat, which corrected the problem, and then restored the chat with the disconnected possibility of sending objects to the chat. "

later this week, the team also plans to release a patch that will make various improvements and corrections to the content of damage, Including it will make a more noticeable scale with displaying the progress of damage to transformed items on the tiger panel without the need to be guided by each item.

Invasion "Invasion" already in the game on PC / Mac and will appear on Xbox and PlayStation 28 October.

Meanwhile, Grinding Gear released a new mysterious box of Atlantis on the weekend, which contains 36 new premium items on marine themes.

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