Path of Exile: The invasion will fill the bloody horn with the blood of enemies

During the last official broadcast, Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games shared a lot of information about the upcoming league: the invasion of Action Path of Exile. In the new addition, the appropriate topic will be presented to Halloween.

"In Path of Exile: You have to fill the bloody horn with enemy blood, and then go into the horror of the Rabelast alternative reality to defeat strong Demons and create powerful objects. "

In addition to the new test league, the invasion will also make significant changes to the basic game, including the complete processing of the iconic tree of passive skills, new content for the final stage, improve the atlas, a improvement in the atlas New functions of the guild, new objects and much more.

Path of Exile: The invasion will be released on October 22 on PC, and on October 27 on consoles. Details of the coming league can be found on the official website Path of Exile.

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