Path of Exile: The output of the next update "Atlas echoes" is announced

Grinding Gear Games announced the following update for the Action Path of Exile called Atlas Echoes. The update will expand the current content of the final game, as well as add new content, including new bosses, new assemblies, new prey and new test league called "Ritual".

In "Ritual" players can stumble upon mysterious ritual altars scattered around the world. After the murder of monsters in the ritual circle surrounding the altar, players can activate the altar to revive the monsters in the form of an enhanced option. Repeatedly activated ritual altars will also give rise to unique enemies, as well as enemies from previous altars in this area.

Each successfully completed ritual within the region will increase the complexity of successful rituals and offer the best rewards, including tribute glasses that can be exchanged, which can be exchanged to ritual awards from the defeated altar.

"Echoes of Atlas" will also expand the progress system, presented in the last addition. Players will be able to cause a mysterious entity named Meiven to observe their battles with bosses on various arenas, which, thanks to its presence, have become even stronger. After it is quite impressive, she will invite the players to fight with several versions of the vanquished bosses, starting with four bosses and ending with ten at the same time.

will ultimately call the players to a duel, which will probably be itself A difficult task that the players have not encountered until this moment. The victory over it will reward players with unique objects and a new tree of skills, on which you can spend your time.

The Tree of the passive skills of the Atlas will be separated from the complex tree of the game skills and will allow the players to invest as a result of victory over Meyven, To succeed in the chosen final game, such as a harvest or theft.

In the update of the "Echoes of Atlas", 11 new maps, processed classes of ascent, as well as new unique objects and stones of skills that players can use to create new powerful buildings.

Atlas echoes are scheduled for January 15, 2021 for PC and January 20 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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