Path of Exile: The “Synthesis” update will open the beginning of spring

Grinding Gear Games announced the following update for the role Fantasy Path of Exile, with the name "Synthesis" ("Synthesis"), which will be released on March 8 for PC and Xbox One. Synthesis also marks the day when Path of Exile finally starts on PS4. The update includes many new goodies, including new areas for research, 14 new precious stones, 16 unique objects, a new system of synthesized objects, balance changes and much more.

in Path of Exile players will meet with Kawas and help him restore lost memories, fighting with them and collecting scraps of memories. Here are the features of this update:

- the synthesis of the league calls: with the new economy and new mechanics, the synthesis of the league calls is ideal for existing, returning and completely new players to experience the gameplay noted by the awards, which can offer Path of Exile .

- The mysterious new NPC: In Path of Exile: Synthesis, players will meet the new NPC named Kawas and help him restore lost memories.

- synthesis of new areas: Kavas's memories can be combined To synthesize dangerous and unstable new areas that players can use to obtain valuable awards. Players will find many strategies for combining the memories for maximum rewards, including complex meetings with bosses and their valuable treasures.

- destroyed objects: studying Kavas’s memories and areas synthesized from them, players can find destroyed objects, a new type of rare subject, some properties of which are blocked. These properties cannot be changed by random crafting actions performed above the subject, which makes them an effective way for craft.

- synthesized objects: players can combine destroyed objects in the device to create a synthesized object- a special basic type, In which the properties of the consumed destroyed objects affect implicit properties. These synthesized objects offer very powerful capabilities for craft.

- betrayal becomes the main thing: due to popular demand, the December betrayal league is integrated into the main game as a new content.

- Balance: Path of Exile: Synthesis includes a focus of balance on spells, especially on improving the creation of hands (playing the spell naturally without using a totem / trap / mine). This process includes a numerical transmission of the balance of all offensive spells in the game.

- New archetypes: with an accent to caster, this update also introduces two new archetypes of characters- chaos and holy enclosures. The new skills of support added for these archetypes also affect dozens of other Path of Exile assemblies that may be useful.

- new gems: Path of Exile: Synthesis contains 14 new gems, including The seven new gems of skills, four new gems of support and three complete updates of existing gems.

are new objects: like any expansion of Path of Exile, Synthesis contains a lot of valuable new items for searching and accumulation. Along with new destroyed and synthesized objects, players can find 16 new unique objects and 16 fortress cards developed by Path of Exile supporters.

- Atlas has shifted: Atlas of worlds (the end of the end of the game Path of Exile) was updated, renewed, was updated, Now it has added new positions for existing cards, as well as many other secret shelters of players that can be found on these cards.

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