Path of Exile will receive 4 additions this year

Despite the fact that the developers of Arpg Path of Exile have recently announced the continuation of Path of Exile 2, they have quite large fluids for the project for 2020.

Grinding Gear announced their 2020 roadmap 2020 For Path of Exile, and it is very dense. The plan is to maintain the usual quarterly schedule of additions within a year, releasing four additions within a year. The first addition of 3.10.0 "most likely will be announced at the end of February," the road map says.

regarding the Path of Exile 2, then the information should be expected in the middle of the year. "The development of Path of Exile 2 continues, and the team is working hard on content, which was not shown in the demonstration version of Exilecon. We expect that next time we will show a completely new content, and the functions are probably in the middle of this year. We will let you know as soon as we have a solid plan. "

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