Pathfinder: Kingmaker: Get an extended edition

OWLCAT Games regularly update their RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker from the moment of its release in September 2018, and in June they will update it to an extended version. This will be a free update for everyone who owns the existing game.

Changes will include:

- numerous additions that enrich the game process, and dozens of quality functions;

- new skills and ways to develop your hero;

- a completely new class: killer;

- new objects and weapons;

- improvement of balance, especially At the beginning and in the last 2 chapters of the game;

- the improved kingdom management system, both in terms of balance and the convenience and comfort of the player;

- an increase in the variety of random meetings on global map;

- thousands of corrections and improvements made from the moment of the first release of the game.

In addition to the expanded edition of RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker, on June 6, the final addition to Beneath the Stolen Lands will be released, in which a huge dungeon that you can explore during the campaign or gain access from the main menu and get acquainted with new characters.

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