Pearl Abyss introduced the DOKEV gameplay trailer

During the presentation at Gamescom, Pearl Abyss introduced the MMORPG DOKEV gameplay trailer, their upcoming adventure game to collect creatures with the open world. Dokev is in development without a release date and is built on a user game engine. In the future, the game will be available on both PC and consoles.

The leading producer Pearl Abyss, said: "Although the DOKEV project is still under development, We are very proud that we were able to show you today, and we feel confident, justifying and surpassing expectations. We are very glad to see your reaction in Pearl Abyss, and we hope that you are looking forward to DOKEV. "

Pearl Abyss first introduced Dokev back in November 2019, and this is the first time we are when we They were able to see the real gameplay.

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