Pearl Abyss invested $ 26 million in the new Art Center

Pearl Abyss is making serious efforts so that their future games are as realistic as possible, including investments of $ 26 million in a new building called Pearl Abyss Art Center.

After the construction is completed, the center Pearl Abyss Art Center will rise to five floors and provide a studio of more than 6,000 square meters of available area. The new building will become part of the new headquarters of the South Korean studio in the Kvachhon information town and will have its own capture of a movement of 1000 square meters. Pearl Abyss also plans to build its own 3D scan studios and audio.

Movement is a technological process that, using sensors, conveys in digital form the movement of an object or person. It is used not only in films, but also in various industries, including games, army, entertainment, sports, medicine and robotics. In games, the technology for capturing movement is used to large -scale console and computer games, such as Black Desert, to create more realistic movements. Pearl Abyss actively uses the technology of capturing movement to make movements and actions more detailed in Black Desert, as well as in new games.

"We plan to create more realistic and cinematic games using the art center," said Executive Head of the Pearl Abyss art sector. "It will be a technologically advanced base for Pearl Abyss to improve the quality of new games such as Crimson Desert, Dokev and Plan 8, as well as Black Desert."

It is expected that Pearl Abyss Art Center will begin to work in the first Half of 2022. More information can be found on the official website Pearl Abyss.

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