Perfect Dark: First Person Shooter Announcement

During The Game Awards, a project was announced, which is developed by The Initiative, Microsoft Game Studio in Santa Monica, founded back in 2018. Perfect Dark "Eco-Fantastic" and a first-person shooter, "not only about shooting." The action takes place in a futuristic world where corporations have developed new technologies to combat environmental disasters, but, as you could guess, it seems that corporations cannot really be trusted.

original The Perfect Dark version was a first-person jockey jocus in 2000 for Nintendo 64. As in the original, you will play a "woman-secret agent in the world of corporate crimes". It is worth expecting steep spy gadgets and weapons, various technologies and naturally parkour. Perfect Dark "is still under development", and the release date is not announced. It was not even confirmed that it would be on PC. On the Xbox website there is a brief official record, and below-a video of developers telling about the game.

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